Bachittar Singh      Artist. Illustrator. Designer.

I am interested in the practice of drawing, designing, printmaking and illustration. Throughout my life, and time in undergraduate study, the driving force behind my practice was honing a unique way of using illustrative marks to compose dynamic drawings. One of my many key inspirations is a desire to depict ‘ordinary’ urban environments, such as the ones I grew up in. I feel they are universally recognisable; being the stage for most people’s every day. Thus, I strived to use architecture that was both mundane and extraordinary as my mise en scene in order to find unique and overlooked beauty. I would walk around, ink and sketchbook in hand, drawing urban architecture and incorporating elements found on these walks (such as grass, sticks, mud, bottle caps) into the process in an attempt to both honestly reflect the story of a location, and create unusual unique marks. Every composition would be inked in one sitting and then watercolour painted in the same sitting, giving me the ability to express ideas of time and movement. My print-making practice involves creating compositions which let me express mark-making and tones to communicate texture and light on surfaces. Creating a series of prints further explores the idea of a narrative driving the direction of the story, a visual code tied together through repetition. Much like my drawings, I incorporate found objects, fabrics, materials and natural elements into the etching process. I enjoy the design process of creating a print from start to finish. With there being so many variables to create an etching, I often feel as though I am collaborating with the process itself; I have control of the materials but they sometimes choose to react differently to as planned, making it an interesting dynamic.

Artist projects and designer commissions



2015 - 2019

2:1 (BA IND) Art and Design at the University of Leeds

Notable  Experience

2020 Worked with the Geraldine Conner Foundation to deliver extended school day sessions in Arts and Crafts at Leeds East Academy and Leeds West Academy. 

2019 Completed a postgraduate printmaking residency at Leeds print workshop/East Street Arts. (Also helped delivered workshops)

2019 Artwork was published in ‘Quotes’ by Mike Healy and Andy Wild

2019 led an art and wellbeing workshop at the University of Leeds

2018 Designed interior and furnishings for Muaré in Mallorca, Spain

2018 Artwork was featured in The Guardian

2018 supplied artwork for boutique hotel and spa Forum Alcudia in Mallorca, Spain

2018 completed a print workshop at the Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró in Mallorca to comprise images for my commercial project in collaboration with ABA Art Lab

2017 Supplied Logos for the University of Birmingham’s Technology department

2016 Tate modern Jess Glynn portrait was exhibited in the opening of new Tate Modern, Future Tate

2014 Ubisoft Artwork was featured in promotional events for Assissins’Creed IV Black Flag

2013 teaching assistant for year 7 Art & Design at park view school

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