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Big Easy Art

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Artwork and Illustration

Bachittar 'Sammy' Singh, often known as 'Bach', draws significant inspiration from depicting 'ordinary' urban environments, particularly those reminiscent of his upbringing. He believes these settings are universally recognizable, serving as the backdrop for most people's everyday lives. Through his art, Bach aims to highlight the unique and often overlooked beauty within mundane architecture, using it as his mise en scène.

With ink and sketchbook in hand, Bach frequently explores urban landscapes, drawing the architecture he encounters and incorporating found elements like grass, sticks, mud, and bottle caps into his work. This approach allows him to honestly reflect the story of each location while creating distinctive and unusual marks.

Additionally, Bach finds inspiration in telling stories through a looser, more abstract style. His narratives emerge from various sources, such as current events, personal experiences, and spontaneous thoughts. This diverse range of influences enables him to react dynamically and infuse his work with a broad spectrum of emotions and ideas.

Urban Vistas (Landscapes)

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