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Big Easy Art

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Artwork and Illustration

One of my many key inspirations is a desire to depict ‘ordinary’ urban environments, such as the ones I grew up in. I feel they are universally recognisable; being the stage for most people’s every day. Thus, I strived to use architecture that was both mundane and extraordinary as my mise en scene in order to find unique and overlooked beauty. I would walk around, ink and sketchbook in hand, drawing urban architecture and incorporating elements found on these walks (such as grass, sticks, mud, bottle caps) into the process in an attempt to both honestly reflect the story of a location, and create unusual unique marks. Another inspiration is telling stories in a looser, more abstract style. Inspiration for these stories comes from a variety of places, which I enjoy. I can react to the news, things I've seen, or things I've felt or thought. 

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